Sunday, June 17, 2012

Argentine Tango (Ocho Defrente, Double Inside Caricia) - Meriç Eryılmaz

Dance: Argentine Tango
Danсers: Meriç Eryılmaz

Music: "Metejon", Jaime Wilensky

In this video, you will see the basic Forward Ocho plus an embellishment (also known as an Adorno). The embellishment in this video is: the Double Inside Caricia. This is where you stroke the arch of your extended foot up and down the inside of your supporting leg, going up twice. This movement may be done smoothly or sharply, depending on your interpretation of the music being played. You may emphasize the up or the down movement. Remember to be gentle, otherwise you may end up scratching your own leg with the shoe. Be sure that the leader gives you plenty of time doing this embellissment, otherwise it may look rushed and non-graceful.

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