Sunday, June 17, 2012

Argentine Tango (Ocho Defrente, High Boleo) - Meriç Eryılmaz

Dance: Argentine Tango
Danсers: Meriç Eryılmaz

Music: "Compadre", Jaime Wilensky

In this video, you will see the basic Forward Ocho plus an embellishment (also known as an Adorno). The embellishment in this video is: the High "Boleo". This is where you raise your lower leg as high as you'd like as you complete half an ocho. Take care to keep your knees close together and, ideally, one behind the other, ladies! (If your knees are apart sideways, it looks funny. If your knees are apart forward-backward, it's a different dance move altogether.). This is technically not a real boleo as it is not led by the leader but chosen by the follower.

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