Sunday, June 17, 2012

Argentine Tango (Ocho Defrente, Tuck Behind) - Meriç Eryılmaz

Dance: Argentine Tango
Danсers: Meriç Eryılmaz

Music: "Sentimientos", Jaime Wilensky

In this video, you will see the basic Forward Ocho plus an embellishment (also known as an Adorno). Embellishments are small decorations added to steps in tango to make it look and feel more beautiful. They are used to infuse the dance with personal expression or interpretation of certain elements of the music.

The embellishment in this video is: the Tuck Behind. This is where you tuck the extended leg snugly behind the supporting leg so that one knee cap is neatly tucked inside the other knee's crook (Do not change weight to this leg.), and then release into neutral position.

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