Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kizomba - Christian Jean-Francois and Danusia Janick

Dance: Kizomba
Danсers: Christian Jean-Francois and Danusia Janick

Step by step instructions to learn this sensual dance that blends Samba and Semba with Zouk music - the beginner's handbook to learn how to move in minutes and get out on the dance floor.

This Kizomba tutorial is 70 minutes long and will teach 15 new moves - First Basic, Second Basic, Side Basic, Soft Break, Hard Break, Hard Break with Turn, Star, Lady Saida, Man Saida, Lady Saida with Turn, Lady Side Saida, Man Saida into Lady Saida, Block, Come and Go, Saida com Contra Paso

Link to the Original Video: Kizomba (Buy Dance Music)

All Kizomba lessons on video

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